Wigwam Winter News 2021

To The Wigwam Families of the 2021 season:

The Camp Wigwam 2020 yearbook, CampFire Days is in our hands. The joyful memories of the unheralded 2020 season were captured and forever enshrined, in this wonderful publication. Hats off to editors Scott Leff and Karen Daniels… thank you for preserving the magic of the 2020 summer at Wigwam.

As you can see from the attached images, winter has indeed arrived at Wigwam.  We enjoyed a brief but exhilarating ice skating season on Bear Lake last week. Pictured here, enjoying “table top” conditions, are our own Jane Strauss, with sister Mary Delois,  and Wigwam legend Amy Johnson (remember AJ?, Wigwam’s first female Color War Head Coach!).  

Then the snow arrived, and we quickly geared up for that cleanup effort (pictured are Geoffrey A Daniels and Bob).

In more Wigwam news…

congratulations on the B’nai Mitzvah to Wigwam campers, Jake Cohen, Nick Davidoff, and Eli Norden. Mazel Tov to those lads and their families.

Trivia –  answers to the recent trivia:

Name four activities that one might be able to do on a “frozen” Bear Lake.

Ice skate, cross country ski, snowmobile, ice fishing (this is an activity that Joaquin Rothenberg and Odin Palmer did this time last year!), snow shoe.

New Trivia:

Even in these chilly winter months, we’ve seen quite a variety of wildlife on the camp property. These are four animals seen recently at Wigwam.

Solutions will be posted on our next newsletter, however, please send along your own answers to bob@campwigwam.com

Parents, health forms are currently available on the Wigwam website, and please be reminded from recent newsletters to make travel reservations for your camper(s), and send along bunk preference cards if that has not been done to date.

The 111th on Bear Lake… Camp Wigwam 2021 within sight!

Bob, Jane, and The Wigwam Staff