Wigwam Winter/Spring Newsletter

Camp Wigwam  –  the 111th consecutive season!
Winter/Spring 2021

It is time. It is time for the snow to melt and for the temperatures to rise.

It is time to rekindle the magic… and it is time to prepare for Camp Wigwam 2021.

Though conditions surrounding the Corona Virus seem to change daily (and in a positive way!), our plan is to operate Camp Wigwam in much the same way that we did, so successfully, last year. We will gather a healthy staff before camper arrival, will ensure that every participant is shielded and protected appropriately from infection, and we will respect the Wigwam bubble to the best of our ability.

Our full attention is targeted toward July 1, 2021… opening day of the 111th.

Together with this bulletin is a note from our Wigwam healthcare professionals, with a request to please complete the on-line health forms for your camper(s), at your earliest convenience.

Additionally, if your camper(s) takes daily medication, please refer to the fliers below from CampMeds for directions, sign up, and procedures.

In our last bulletin, we highlighted travel options for campers from all over the country. Please plan to secure your camper’s travel arrangements, if you’ve not done so already. As an FYI, all past bulletins are available on the Camp Wigwam website.

How about some trivia answers and a new question?.

Last month we asked you to name four animals that might be seen during the winter months right here at Camp Wigwam. Indeed, seen lately… deer, squirrels aplenty, turkeys and blue jays, a “should be hibernating, but suddenly awake” skunk, and more than one majestic bald eagle. Though not actually spotted, there are moose tracks all over the road behind the upper diamond.

New trivia… campers from these ten states are signed up and ready to attend the 111!

Feel free to send along your answers to bob@campwigam.com

Parents, if you’ve not yet completed the actual application for your camper for the upcoming 2021 season, please do so in a timely fashion. Billing will be sent out toward the end of this month.

Please feel free to reach out to the Wigwam office with any questions, comments, or concerns.

And here we go, toward Wigwam 2021!