Wigwam Campership Fund

The Camp Wigwam Campership fund strives to provide the benefits of a camp experience to a broader spectrum of campers from diverse geographic, ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The fund, hosted by Ubuntu Camp Connections, sprouted from a third-generation Wigwam family, Joe (2014-present), Dan (’81-’86), and Moe Finkelstein (’54-’59). Through Ubuntu Camp Connections alumni can support Wigwam by making it more accessible to deserving families while ensuring robust enrollment and operations. Donations are tax-deductible. 

We work with multiple mission-based organizations to provide beds for those that would benefit from the type of program offered here. These partnerships have been very successful in helping us find campers who would otherwise be unable to afford the camp experience, and will also become an integral part of the camp family. Scholarship campers come to us from other means as well, whether from a long-ago alumnus or through word-of-mouth.

The fullest potential of our program takes multiple years to realize. When we commit to a campership, we do so with the intention of providing it year after year for the life of a camper’s tenure. This supports the goal of creating a lasting impact on the camper and community.

The most poignant testimonial of the impact of Camp Wigwam are the words of our alumni and parents of campers:

“I still dream about Wigwam and my wife and I often sing the goodnight song before going to sleep” – Camper, Staff 1968-75

“My formative years spent at Camp Wigwam were indeed special but also hard in a way. I lost my father during the off-season and when I returned to camp the following summer, it was hard for me and for those around me as I was processing a monumental event in my life. Bob Strauss and Peter Farber specifically helped to nurture me to embrace my surroundings and try new things. I will always be forever grateful for those impactful moments.” – Camper/Staff 1980s

“Camp has taught me the power of brotherhood and Ubuntu. It may be simple but my love for exploration, getting out of my comfort zone, and loving/appreciating those around me was established at Camp Wigwam.” – Camper 2010s

Or contact Bob or Neal to discuss sponsoring a camper, either individually or as a group of alumni. 



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