Spring Newsletter from Bear Lake

And so… let’s officially start the countdown to Camp Wigwam 2023, our 113th consecutive season!

Many locations around the US are beginning to see real signs of spring . Bob and Jane were in Seattle last week, meeting their new granddaughter (Ruby Julia Strauss 2/11/23), and noticed beautiful purple and white crocus’s peeking out of the ground. Peak bloom for cherry blossoms in the Baltimore/ Washington area is predicted for this very weekend!
Well… as you can see by the attached photo, that is not exactly the case here on the shores of Bear Lake. The snow bank that was photographed in January (you still have time to guess when that baby will melt… just e-mail neal@campwigwam.com) has not diminished in the slightest, and has actually grown. We expect another 4-6 inches of wet springtime snow this weekend… could sledding down the front lodge lawn become a new activity for the 113th!
Some other sure signs of spring… we ordered white athletic field marking paint just this week. PaperFin arrived yesterday…. a new activity to complement the fishermen!
Each season, this time year, our crystal clear drinking water is tested for purity. Test results, which have historically been flawless, are expected within the week
For those of you enjoying March Madness and the men’s and women’s basketball tourneys, you might be interested to know that dark horse Florida Atlantic University is where Bob went for graduate studies in 1974/1975, just prior to taking the reins of Camp Wigwam. Go Owls!!
Next steps in preparation for summer 2023 are as follows:

  • Health forms and physicians physicals need to completed and submitted through your CampMinder account as soon as possible (email us for any assistance with login or form completion)
  • Travel arrangements. If travel plans have not been finalized for your camper(s), please be sure to secure those immediately.
  • The upcoming spring bulletin, to be sent to you in digital format in early April, will include new content that includes American Camp Association (ACA) requirements for member camps.

Family Trivia (Answers below):

  1. It takes approximately 5 cans of that aforementioned athletic field spray paint to make lines for both the upper and lower diamonds. What sports do we play on those fields that require lines?
  2. Geoffrey A. Daniels, in addition to being a master carpenter, is also an expert with a chain saw.   What is his brand of choice for chain saw?
  3. Within an inch, how many inches of snow has fallen on Bear Lake during the winter of 2023.
Can’t wait to see you all soon!
Bob, Neal and Cam


  1. soccer, football, baseball/ softball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, lower D capture the flag
  2. Husqvarna (you’ll note that word has a rare quality, a “Q” without a “U” following)
  3. 45 inches

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