Here you will find important information for Parents. You can email your son, view the latest pictures from camp, view the current weather at camp, order camp clothing and get information on Parents Day.

Visiting Camp

We extend a most cordial invitation to visit camp on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. All Parent/Son activities will be held on that day. We invite parents and siblings to join us, starting at 9:15 a.m., for a walk-through of camp activities and program scheduling, followed by buffet lunch and The Wigwam Water-ski Show, the fourteenth annual Parent / Son Decathlon, and finally a theatrical production by the Wigwam Players. At that time, parents are welcome to take their camper(s) out to dinner with a return time of 8:30 p.m. Sunday visiting is reserved for parents who can only make it that day.

Phone Calls – (207) 583-2300

We have an open phone call policy.  Parents and campers are welcome to phone. We feel that keeping the lines of communication open makes every camper and parent, whether rookie or veteran, feel that much more comfortable. We ask parents to call either in the morning (Approximately 8:00 – 8:50 EST) or at lunchtime (Approximately 1:00 – 1:45 EST) so as not to disrupt the daily schedule of your camper.  We encourage homesick camper’s phone calls to be scheduled so that the time in between calls increases proportionally, and before long sad calls become enthusiastic and happy ones. Parents are also encouraged to write, e-mail or fax on a regular basis.

Parents Day Information

Our schedule on Parent’s day starts at 9:15 A.M. Parents, families and friends are encouraged to accompany their camper(s) on their normal morning schedule to get a feel for the normal camp day. At noon, a sumptuous buffet lunch will be served on the lodge lawn while the Annual Wigwam Water Ski Extravaganza is presented. Families are then encouraged to participate in Wigwam’s Parent / Son Decathlon which is followed by our annual theatrical production. Parents may then take their camper(s) out of camp for family time and dinner, and are asked to return by 8:30 P.M.

Weather at Wigwam

Wigwam has a multitude of activities to do on what we call a ‘Rainy Javadizaday,’ named after the famous Wigwam alum, Kamran…Java…diza…day. In fact, some campers even look forward to these days because it might be a chance to catch up on some reading, play cards or play a board game with some friends. If we are really lucky, Bob might start up some famous Wigwam Bingo (with prizes!)

Of course, if the weather is good, then there is nothing to worry about.


As you may recall, we do not require a mandatory uniform at Camp Wigwam. We do suggest, however, that all campers bring a minimal amount of camp uniform for use when participating on intercamp teams and when traveling outside of camp.

Below is a list of suggested clothing that may be brought from home, or purchased at a store in your area. Be reminded that our laundry is done weekly, and returned the day after it is sent. Thus, 8 or 9 days worth of clothing should suffice.

  • Shoes – 2 pair of tennis shoes, (white soles), at least  1 pair of sneakers, hiking boots, cleats, flipflops
  • Underwear – 10 – 12 pair
  • Socks – 12 – 14 pair
  • Shorts – 8 – 10 pair
  • Bathing Suits – 2
  • Long Pants – 2 pair of jeans or rugged pants, 1 pair of dress pants for socials, 2 pair of sweat pants
  • Shirts – 10 – 12 casual (Tee) shirts – 2 longsleeveshirts, 2-3 sweatshirts (preferably hooded)  or sweaters
  • Coats – 1 light jacket, 1 poncho/ raincoat
  • Pajamas – 2-3 pair (slippers optional)
  • Bedding/Linen – 2-3 sets of sheets(twin or cot) w/pillowcases 1 pillow, 3-4 blankets, 4-6 towels, toiletries, 2 laundry bags, 1 sleeping bag (for camping trips)
  • Personal Equipment – Tennis racquet, baseball glove, tennis balls, flashlight, golf clubs (optional), fishing rod (optional),  etc.

****All items should be nametaped, or marked.*****