Why Wigwam?

Prospective families most often ask the question;”What makes Wigwam so special?” As soon as a new camper passes under the Totem Pole entrance for the first time they become a “Wigwammer” at that very moment. The spirit, the camaraderie, the sense of community and the joy of summer camp happen almost immediately in this nurturing and friendly environment. For generations, boys have enjoyed this magical spot on the shores of Bear Lake, returning year after year as campers, Counselors in Training, full staff members, and ultimately as revered alumni. Cherished memories, and lifelong friendships are forged and preserved in this hallowed and traditional setting in the woods of Maine.

The Wigwam office will help arrange air transportation for any family wishing to have their youngster fly to camp. Wigwam staff will escort campers from every airport, as a Wigwam camper never flies unattended. Camp Wigwam will arrange free coach transportation from the greater Boston area on opening and closing dates each season, and will gladly assist any family in making arrangements to meet that coach on those dates. We may also utilize a train if families are interested. For families who choose to drive to Wigwam, directions may be found on our web site.

At Wigwam, parents and campers are welcome to phone. We feel that keeping the lines of communication open makes every camper and parent, whether rookie or veteran, feel that much more comfortable. Parents are asked to arrange a phone call through the Wigwam office so as to not disrupt the daily schedule in taking a child away from an activity. Homesick camper’s phone calls will be scheduled so that the time in between calls increases proportionally, and before long sad calls become enthusiastic and happy ones. Parents are also encouraged to write or email on a regular basis.

Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends are welcome to send along a care package. One of the great joys of the summer camp experience is receiving a package from home. Please remember to include bunkmates and counselors, as sharing of these packages is encouraged. Healthier snacks are a good way to go, and non-perishables are a must.

Our schedule on Parent’s day starts at 9:15 A.M. Parents, families and friends are encouraged to accompany their camper(s) on their normal morning schedule to get a feel for the normal camp day. At noon, a sumptuous buffet lunch will be served on the lodge lawn while the Annual Wigwam Water Ski Extravaganza is presented. Families are then encouraged to participate in Wigwam’s Parent / Son Decathlon which is followed by our annual theatrical production. Parents may then take their camper(s) out of camp for family time and dinner, and are asked to return by 8:30 P.M.

Cell Phones, DVD players,Xboxes, Wii, DS and small refrigerators should be left at home. This is summer camp after all. Campers are welcome to bring I-Pods or CD players, but remember we are out in the middle of the woods, and mother nature is not kind to sophisticated electronic gear.