So you’re here either because you are thinking about Wigwam, a current camper, or are simply trying to find ways to kill time before the amazing summer ahead of you. Here you will find some fun things to do to keep you busy in the off season. 

Keep busy, stay safe, work hard at school and before you know it you’ll be at your second home, your very own, Camp Wigwam.

Wigwam Words & Lingo

Bear Lake Cheer – given to an individual who does something special.

“Bear, Bear Lake…
Yow, Wildcats.
W I G – wig, W A M – wam, W I G… W A M
Wigwam, Wigwam, Wigwam”
(see any Wigwam alumni for words to Acka Lacka Ching and Muh-Hee cheers)

Upper Diamond

(not to be confused with Black Diamond, award winning Camp Wigwam rock group) The Upper Diamond, or upper D, is where the campers live and play. Bunks and tents surround the upper D, where kickball, softball, ultimate frisbee, kabahdi, rockball, football, lacrosse, NERF gun battles, watergun fights, and Kamran’s cloud watching classes are held.

Lower Diamond –

The lower D, also an area of much activity, sports Wigwam’s baseball and soccer fields, golf practice tee and new sand trap. Football, soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee, and memorable bunk boy capture the flag games are held here regularly.

H.O.L. –
For some reason, the previous directors of the camp – Mandy and Pop – named all of the bathroom facilities after English houses of government! H.O.L.. – House of Lords, the upper campus (tent boy) facility H.O.C. – House of Commons, the lower campus facility Buckingham Palace (Now our boxing and weight training room).  Following tradition, we have recently named our brand new, eco-friendly, bathroom facility after a famous house of government.

Maisie Tree –
I’m afraid you need to come Wigwam to have this one explained to you. Your computer may not have enough memory for this tale.

The Pooch –
The most beautiful outdoor basketball court in the state of Maine can be found at Camp Wigwam.  Named after a former camper, Matt Poochio, the ‘Pooch’ is a regular hang out for Wigwammers of all ages.

How bout’ some baseball scores!? –
Reported each morning after breakfast, followed by our opinion of a certain team that plays in the Bronx!

Ach Du Schoene –
Isn’t it beautiful… A Wigwam tradition, in german, in which the Wigwam community sings along to a hand painted 16 section cartoon/ caricature depicting the funny and memorable events of a particular summer.
Ya gotta love this place !!!

The Pyramid –
Once a summer, during parents day, we present a full length waterski show.  One of the most incredible acts is the ‘Pyramid’.  Name me another camp in this country that does that!!