Camp Wigwam Autumn Newsletter

This is the first in a series of newsletters coming from your favorite location on Bear Lake… Camp Wigwam.

 Attached is a picture of a recent fall sunrise, simply amazing!

Work is being done on the 2020 Wigwam yearbook by our own Scott Leff, Becky Blender, and Karen Daniels. These should be in our hands well before the holiday break. Very exciting!


The Wigwam 2020 Slide show is now available on the Wigwam website. You can watch it here: The password to view this amazing production is simply… slideshow.

We raise a glass to Benjamin Faletra for not only this incredible masterpiece but for making this available in such a timely fashion.

On the subject of videos, we are happy to report that the Color War Video, produced two years ago by Maxence Drouot, is also available for viewing on the Wigwam website. That link is:  


Campers should note that your family recently received the information pertaining to the upcoming 2021 Camp Wigwam season, the 111! Within that packet are “bunk preference” cards, which can be returned to the Wigwam office anytime this winter, by either mail or scanned e-mail.

Congratulations to Wigwam Alumnus, Daniel Tochen… recently married in Detroit, Michigan. Friends of Wigwam joined in on Daniel’s Zoom wedding. 

Trivia Time:

The vibrant fall colors of southwestern Maine come from a variety of deciduous trees (hardwood trees with leaves that fall annually). Name 4 variety of deciduous trees at Camp Wigwam.

Send answers to