Camp Wigwam 2021 – Update

Camp Wigwam 2021 – the 111th!

To Our Wigwam Families:

The anticipation of yet another summer at camp Wigwam is upon us!  The indescribable feeling of a “new” Wigwam season is in the air. As you can see from this recent image of Bear Lake, the ice is on the move, ready to make way for sailboats, ski boats, and canoes!

Has the world changed since this time last year? In many ways… oh my, yes. However one constant remains the same, to provide a healthy and safe, and fun camp experience in these challenging days. We are up for the task and simply can not wait to welcome the campers and staff of the 111th right back here on Bear Lake.

Key Updates on Policies and Practices for the 2021 season

Last year, at this time, we were quite busy establishing policy and procedures for our first-ever pandemic summer season. We are certainly very proud of the plan we ultimately devised, as Wigwam 2020 was a miraculous success and a completely healthy summer. As we move closer to opening day 2021, we are contemplating what changes might be made to that plan. In fact, there is a very good chance that our entire staff will be immunized before staff orientation week begins. That is, without question, a step in the right direction.  However, it is still very doubtful that our camper group will have any protection from the Covid virus, and therefore we feel as though our strategy for the summer season will remain the same, with absolute respect for the integrity of our Wigwam “bubble.” Unless campers arrive vaccinated, there will be no intercamp competition, limited trips outside of camp, and staff will enjoy time off, on the camp property. At present, Parent’s Day is not on the schedule of events, subject to change if conditions allow.

Pre-Camp Information

We ask all families at this time to begin planning (if not already done) for a physical examination for your camper and completion of the various medical forms available on our website. Should your camper(s) require daily medication, please register with CampMeds as soon as possible(

Also, please be sure to inform the Wigwam office of your camper’s travel plans, if not already completed. Wigwam Travel bulletin information is available on the website.

Should your camper require some Wigwam gear or clothing, please go to Unsure of how much Wigwam gear is needed? Feel free to call our office for that information.

We will plan to send along another news bulletin on May 1st with more detailed and targeted information on policy and practices, as we lead up to opening day 2021

Zoom Campfire II – the 2021 version

We will plan to hold another pre-season Zoom campfire (great suggestion Jack Scher and Zach Perlman!), on Saturday, May 1st at 7 P.M. EST.

New campers, veterans, staff, and esteemed Alumni are welcome to attend. We’ll tell a few campfire stories, perhaps sing a song or two, and get in the spirit of Wigwam’s 111th season. Zoom details will follow by e-mail.

More trivia for campers

For this month’s trivia, can you name the small structure that Geoffrey A Daniels is dismantling (and replacing!) in the picture below? Hint… it’s a bathroom facility. Fun fact… the previous directors of Camp Wigwam, Pop and Mandy, in a rather “tongue in cheek” barb aimed at our friends in the UK, named all of the Wigwam bathroom facilities after English Houses of government (Buckingham Palace, former House of Lords [H.O.L.], House of Commons [H.O.C.} etc.). In recent times, we named our composting bathroom facility The White House. Well, this particular building never had a name… and so we would like you, our campers, to name this building. Please e-mail your choices to

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