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50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S.

From: “50 Most Amazing Summer Camps in the U.S.”

Camp Wigwam for Boys sits next to Bear Lake, beneath the Maine stretch of the beautiful White Mountains, and is everything a young boy could want in a summer retreat. The ACA-accredited camp was set up in 1910 by Arnold Lehman and Abraham Mandelstam and offers its intake, known as “Wigwammers,” a “dynamic cultural experience renowned for the high quality of its innovative sports and fine arts programs.” The Waterford, Maine-based enterprise prides itself on its “camaraderie,” “sense of community,” and its “nurturing and friendly environment.” Explaining what makes the camp unique, its website emphasizes its “attention to each and every camper’s growth as a young man.” Camp activities include basketball, soccer, sailing, tennis, golf, waterskiing, sewing, rocketry, and arts and crafts.

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Snowy days at Wigwam…

Dear Wigwam Family:

As we march forward (through the snow) toward springtime in Maine, mother nature has put a slight delay on our plans, adding another 12″ of overnight snow to the shores of Bear Lake.

Ski enthusiasts in the area are dreaming about open slopes well into April, but indeed those hopes could be dashed with a nice sustained thaw. We’ll wish for that, and keep you informed.

As paperwork and preparation for 2014 begins in earnest, it is with great pride that we report that close to 70% of Wigwam’s 2013 staff will return for the C IV, and we also learned recently that the amazing Kimberly Cronin, who directs our favorite day trips, has three (and possibly four!) days a week available for Wigwam this summer. Mining trips, Frenchman’s Hole, Rattlesnake Pool, Lord’s Hill… can not wait for another incredible Wigwam summer!



2014…The winter that just keeps giving.

We are snowbound in the Wigwam office this week, and gazing upon Bear Lake is a scene reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. We fully realize that for many of you, especially those families in the mid-Atlantic, that these wintry conditions have meant slippery car pool rides and cancelled events, but please keep in mind that June 26th is directly in our sites and the Wigwam C IV will be gorgeous and warm (the power of positive thinking!)

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks fans in the Wigwam world. Runner up winners for our annual reunion pool, who will receive a late night pizza for themselves and their bunkmates, include Daniel Glickman, Max Bender, Jayden Greer (that’s a new camper!), Elliot Kahn, Andrew Bastone, Benjamin Mitnick, Ethan Broaddus, and Andrew Birnbaum, all of whom picked the ‘Hawks and were within three points of the halftime total. Grand prize winners for the 2014 Wigwam Super Bowl Pool (drum roll here) –  Lisa Balsam (that’s Ellie & Quinn Balsam’s mom), and Charlie Pomerantz. Lunch at Tut’s General Store for that duo and each may bring a friend (Lisa, Jane Strauss says she would like a Buffalo Burger, hold the meat, or a Downtown Club) !

This weekend will produce yet another Wigwam function… in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California – on Saturday afternoon, February 8th. If by any chance you find yourself in Hollywood on that day, please let us know and we will forward info on that function.

A little trivia… the famous Noah Saul Bernstein, who assists annually with the Jr. Braves program, was first introduced to Camp Wigwam at a camp fair in Los Angeles when he was but 11 years old.

Noah’s family had recently moved to the west coast at that time… from the town in which he was born. For a trip to Brookside Ice Cream with Stanley Rothenberg, name the year of that meeting and Noah Bernstein’s home town (email your answer to
Here comes a summer in Maine!

News from the Wam!

Hello To All in the Wigwam Family!

Please excuse any errors in this newsletter, as it is somewhat difficult to type with mittens on, and the balaclavas on our faces keep fogging our glasses.

Not really,  the winter office here on Bear Lake is as warm as toast… well warm may be a bit of a stretch as we haven’t seen double digit temps since banquet night (kidding!).
Anyway, Wigwam has been a whirlwind since January 1. A group of at least 20 staff and friends of Wigwam watched a stupendous fireworks display at Wabanaki Pass on New Year’s eve, as we rang in the New Year and toasted the upcoming 2014 Camp Wigwam summer season.

Just last week there was a fun filled reunion in Denver, Colorado (hosted by the Dechtman family!) – congratulations to those Broncos fans on their upcoming trip to the Super Bowl – and then a quick trip to San Francisco to meet new campers and check in on Josh Mayer and Hank Greenberg.

Though we didn’t actually get together, while in Denver, we had a great discussion with Wigwam legend, Nathan Chisholm,  and he promises a visit to The Wam this summer, without question.

Congrats to Adam Shimberg and Jack Zweben on their becoming a Bar Mitzvah in recent weeks.

Onto New York City this weekend for our annual bash in Gotham.

Can not wait!

2014 Holiday Newsletter – Camp Wigwam’s 104th Summer

Thanksgiving turkey dinners are now a gobbled up memory, and all sights are set on the next summer season at Camp Wigwam 2014 The C IV !

You will be pleased to know that the 2013 Wigwam Yearbook, Campfire Days is currently at the printer and will be in your hands for the holiday, with the 2013 Wigwam slide show not far behind!

The Sarah Riggs / Michael Johnson wedding is a mere three weeks away, and all of us in the Wigwam family express our sincere wishes for happiness and a long life of family and love for that amazing couple.

Wigwam parents – the Alumni House actually has some open weekends for ski season 2014, so if any of you might be interested in a quick getaway or a ski vacation week at Wigwam, please feel free to inquire.

We received a note just this week from a Wigwam Alumni, Len Schiff, who attended camp in the 1930’s ! We thought it appropriate, at this time,  to reprint the highlights  of his emotionally charged message.

Bob Strauss and I have been e-mailing lately concerning my recollections of summers on Bear Lake. My years at Wigwam were 1937 thru 1948, with time out for World War two.   I spent some of the happiest days and years of my life at Camp Wigwam.  My memories are great.  I started there at age 9 and finished at age 21.  I grew up to be a counselor for a couple of years. Obviously in two months time, though you don’t get to know everybody personally, you do get a great sense of the community that is formed. My greatest friendships came from camp.

As far as the Camp itself, I have only the fondest memories of it.

I loved “that place” so much, that I have made it a point to go back for a visit at least once each decade of my life.  My last visit was in 2010.   That means that I spent time at Camp Wigwam in 9 different decades.  In closing, I leave you with one of the favorite “expressions” at  Wigwam during my years:  “Once a Wigwammer, always a Wigwammer.”

Len Schiff  37’ – 48’ … and for life


Congratulations and Mazel Tov to Toby Johnson and his family on his recently becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Trivia Time  – What two teams will meet in the World Cup Final this summer?

E-mail your guess to by 1/1/14. Winning entrant gets a meal of his choice (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) at the famous Melby’s Store (formerly Tut’s General Store), with a friend!


New York/Tri-State
Sunday – January 26th
Ted’s Montana Grill
110 West 51st St. (@ Sixth Ave.)
New York, NY   10020

(212) 245 – 5220
11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Luncheon will be served

Eat, Enjoy, Play Wigwam Jeopardy & See the Wigwam Slide Show

Can’t Wait to See Ya’ There !

A Summer Camp for Boys