Are you ready for Camp Wigwam’s Super Bowl Zoom Gathering?!

Indeed, we are just days away from our virtual Super Bowl Party.

As always, all family members are welcome to enter our annual Super Bowl Pool.Attached is the official scoreboard. Please send along your picks before the Zoom. Simply supply, via e-mail, your name, the team that you think will win the game, total points scored by both teams at the game’s end, and the tie-break number.(the total points scored by both teams at half-time)We will fill in the scoreboard, lunch for the winner (and a friend) at Melby’s

Good luck to all!


The format for Sunday’s Zoom is taking shape, and the schedule looks like this.

4 P.M.

  • Welcome to all – campers, staff, alumni, and friends.
  • Wigwam winter update – some thoughts concerning the 112th

4:10 P.M.

  • A song or two from the amazing Peter Farber, with perhaps a surprise guest or two

4:20 P.M.

4:30 P.M.

  • Time to play some Wigwam Super Bowl Jeopardy.
Click Here to Download the Boards to Play at Home!

Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

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