Camp Wigwam…
…a beautiful summer camp in Maine

bunkrowNestled in the foothills of the White Mountains on the sandy shores of Bear Lake, Camp Wigwam offers a traditional summer camp program with particular emphasis on tennis, golf, the arts and rustic camping along the spectacular trails of the magnificent White Mountain National Forest.

Camp Wigwam stresses participation rather than strict competition and allows every camper ample opportunity for choice. This encouraging, supportive atmosphere enables each camper, no matter his interests, the ability to reach his highest potential.

The Wigwam summer camp experience is a very personal one with only four boys and one counselor in each cabin. One seven week program begins in late June and runs through the middle of August, with a five week option within that time frame. Campers range in age from seven to fifteen. With a high percentage of returning staff, experienced administrative personnel and the involved ownership of the Strauss family, Camp Wigwam fosters individual, physical and emotional growth in a less competitive atmosphere, guiding each camper to live and learn within a community of his peers.

Camper Goals and Measuring Progress

Every camper is free to pursue goals and progress in areas personal to each camper. Camp Wigwam’s mission is to provide a nurturing and safe environment to enable such pursuit. Yet, every camper’s journey should include successfully learning to live in a community of his peers, as defined by a sense of belonging, self-worth, respect, and kindness. By the end of the season, every camper should have developed the interpersonal skills, emotional strength, and confidence to make progress in the Wigwam program. From there forward, personal growth and skills development come naturally, giving participants the belief that they can excel in any activity area such as tennis, golf, athletics, creative arts, or swimming, or experience social success. Reach out to discuss the specifics of Camp Wigwam’s progress boards. 

A Typical Day at Camp Wigwam

Each day spent at Wigwam is different. However, to give you an idea, a typical day in the life of a camper at Wigwam might look like this. Playing basketball, soccer, going for a sail with a friend, fencing, tennis match, a morning at the driving range or an afternoon at one of our local golf courses, waterskiing or exploring their more creative side in ceramics, arts and crafts, sewing or rocketry.

  • 7:30am Reveille
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 8:50am Cabin Clean up
  • 9:30am – 12:45pm 3 Instructional Activity Periods
  • 1:00pm Lunch
  • 1:45pm Rest Hour
  • 2:45pm – 5:30pm 2 Free Choice Activity Periods
  • 5:45pm Dinner
  • 6:45pm Evening Activities
  • 7:30pm Camp Fire / Drive in Movie / Full Camp Activity
  • 9:00pm Campers begin to get to bed (excited about doing all again tomorrow)

 History of Camp Wigwam

Camp Wigwam has an incredible history and tradition dating back to 1910.

Since 1910, Camp Wigwam has remained a thriving, dynamic cultural experience renowned for the high quality of its innovative sports and fine arts programs.

Camp Wigwam, on the shores of Bear Lake in Waterford, Maine, was founded in 1910 by Abraham “Mandy” Mandelstam and Arnold “Pop” Lehman. Together these pioneers of the industry forged a program that would be a model for the summer camp industry for most of the first half of the twentieth century. Pop was an athletic and energetic leader, whose strength was the day to day operation of the camp. Mandy was a creative genius, established in the arts and theatrical community in Manhattan, whose well connected friends were frequent visitors to Camp Wigwam.

In the autumn of 1964, Mandy, who had two years earlier purchased Pop’s interest in the camp, sold Camp Wigwam to Ned & Helen Strauss. Ned & Helen resurrected Wigwam to its former glory, reignited it’s storied traditions and operated the camp until 1977 when their son, Bob, took over its reigns. Wigwam enters the new millennium under only its second ownership as Bob and his wife Jane Strauss continue to carry on the amazing legacy of this marvelous camp. Today, thousands of men from all over the country share a bond born in their childhood that still burns brightly within their soul to this very day, the cherished memories of a Camp Wigwam summer.


quoteCan’t rate this camp high enough – my 10-year old is having the time of his life this summer. Camp combines all sorts of activities (sports, arts/crafts) and all kinds of kids from across the US and Europe. Less structured than some camps but kids can focus on what they love during the summer. Counselors are tremendous. Active CIT program. Many counselors and CITS were longtime Wigwam campers so they understand what the camps is about. Bob Strauss (camp director) is superb.

quoteWe were hoping a summer camp experience would help our ten year old son learn to interact more with others, boost his self esteem and try new things. We got that and so much more. The changes were apparent after only a few weeks when we saw him on visiting day. He was much more relaxed and easy going; didn’t agitate as easily and demonstrated enormous patience with his younger sister. Now two months later, we celebrate a maturing young man who seems more comfortable in his skin and better able to navigate his surroundings with ease. Wigwam is his new second home and we all look foward to many happy summers on Bear pond.

quoteThere are very few special places in this world that capture a time and experience like Wigwam. I am forever filled with great memories, and affection. I can only hope my son enjoys the same experience. But with Strauss’s at the helm, the amazing dedication and passion Wigwam is in good hands for many years to come!

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