2014…The winter that just keeps giving.

2014…The winter that just keeps giving.

We are snowbound in the Wigwam office this week, and gazing upon Bear Lake is a scene reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. We fully realize that for many of you, especially those families in the mid-Atlantic, that these wintry conditions have meant slippery car pool rides and cancelled events, but please keep in mind that June 26th is directly in our sites and the Wigwam C IV will be gorgeous and warm (the power of positive thinking!)

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks fans in the Wigwam world. Runner up winners for our annual reunion pool, who will receive a late night pizza for themselves and their bunkmates, include Daniel Glickman, Max Bender, Jayden Greer (that’s a new camper!), Elliot Kahn, Andrew Bastone, Benjamin Mitnick, Ethan Broaddus, and Andrew Birnbaum, all of whom picked the ‘Hawks and were within three points of the halftime total. Grand prize winners for the 2014 Wigwam Super Bowl Pool (drum roll here) –  Lisa Balsam (that’s Ellie & Quinn Balsam’s mom), and Charlie Pomerantz. Lunch at Tut’s General Store for that duo and each may bring a friend (Lisa, Jane Strauss says she would like a Buffalo Burger, hold the meat, or a Downtown Club) !

This weekend will produce yet another Wigwam function… in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California – on Saturday afternoon, February 8th. If by any chance you find yourself in Hollywood on that day, please let us know and we will forward info on that function.

A little trivia… the famous Noah Saul Bernstein, who assists annually with the Jr. Braves program, was first introduced to Camp Wigwam at a camp fair in Los Angeles when he was but 11 years old.

Noah’s family had recently moved to the west coast at that time… from the town in which he was born. For a trip to Brookside Ice Cream with Stanley Rothenberg, name the year of that meeting and Noah Bernstein’s home town (email your answer to
Here comes a summer in Maine!

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